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Ultra, the Multi-Alien!

Pencils for a recent commission:

It's a take-off on the cover of Mystery In Space #106, featuring "Ultra," who is a combo of four different alien races: a beast, a master of magnetism, a leg of lightning, and I guess a chicken leg:

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New blog.

So I have a new blog that I will devote exclusively to my drawings of red-headed female cartoon characters:

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Mini-sized Man-Thing

Here's a little (6"x6") sketch of Man-Thing that'll be going up at my studio's Etsy store. Jeff Parker pencilled it and I inked. [Edit: SOLD.]

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My blog gained two followers AND LOST ONE! Who did I lose? Was it for not updating enough? These are questions we ask ourselves more often than whether something was drawn properly. Shameful, I know.

Here are a couple of characters from a project I'm working on, for webcomics goddess Shaenon Garrity:

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Mad Men

Haven't seen the show, so I can't recommend it, but I've heard good things.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Alien Legion 2

Here's a discarded version of that Alien Legion commission I posted awhile back.

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One of my 'tribs to my studio's weekly sketch challenge. Coming up: some Miyazaki, and Thunderbolts...